The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life 

Looking to add a little spice to your life? Foodies know that to get that perfect amount of bite in your new dish, you need to head to Coligny Plaza. Here you’ll find a pair of shops with just the right spice for your next dish, whether it’s a slow-burning curry or a fierce and fiery salsa. Bring along a bottle of water, this could get hot.

Spice and Tea Exchange



The racks and shelves at spice and tea exchange are bursting with herbs, spices and flavors from all over the world. More than 100 varieties are available. Check out the selection of whole spices, bristling with dried peppercorns, cardomon, seeds, pods, cloves and more. From roots and rhizomes to powders, florals and berries if it grows in the ground and makes your meal unforgettable, you’ll find it here.



But what about those of us looking for something with a little more kick? Spice and Tea Exchange has peppers from pleasant to punishing. For those who like a challenge, hit your dish with some whole bird’s eye chili peppers or some habanero powder. If you’re just looking to add the flavor without as much of the fire, there’s an array of powdered peppers from ancho to aleppo. And in between, you’ll find whole peppers, powders and seeds to add just the right amount of fire.



Hot Daddy’s Sauce & Oil Co.

Hot Daddy’s, as the name implies, specializes in heat.



Sure, there are the oils, a wide selection designed for cooking, dressing and topping. And yes, the different infusions of flavors means that you can walk in a novice and walk out with everything you need to be the next master chef.



But today we’re just talking about the sauces, those colorful bottles lining the shelves each with its own tantalizing level of fire. Sport your team pride with a college-branded jalapeno sauce. Get that gift for visiting guests with their custom Hot Daddy’s sauce. Or try something a little unusual, with sauces made from every strain of pepper you can imagine.



Or, head straight to the Carolina Reaper sauce. Made from the world’s hottest pepper, bred exclusively in South Carolina, this sauce is not for the squeamish. But with great fire comes great flavor, so take the plunge and try some on your next batch of wings.

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