Take The Coligny Plaza Taco Tour

The humble taco – perhaps no street food is more versatile or revered. Whether you like yours crunchy or soft, overloaded with toppings, bursting with beef or sporting just a few mouth-watering flakes of fish, the beauty of a taco lies in the way you can make it yours.

And tacos are not just for Tuesdays. You can have a taco night every night and not have the same thing twice. In fact, that’s not a bad idea. As you plan your week-long Taco Tuesday, you’ll be happy to know you can sample a little bit of everything without leaving Coligny Plaza. Don’t believe us? Then check out the following stops on your taco tour.

Big Bamboo

Tacos are the true stars of Big Bamboo’s happy hour menu. The fried fish taco is a crunchy, zesty delight, and those with a high threshold for heat will love the Sriracha-drizzled chicken or shrimp taco. It’s just enough caliente to get you reaching for a cold drink. Fortunately, it’s happy hour!

FISH Casual Coastal Seafood

You’d expect a restaurant devoted to delicious seafood would make a mean fish taco. And you would be correct. The What The Fish Taco surrounds the catch of the day in crispy coleslaw, fresh pico de gallo and a mouth-watering aioli for a taco experience that changes with the season.

Frosty Frog

Ready for something a little different? Clem’s BBQ Shrimp Tacos are testament to the taco’s versatility, with skewered BBQ shrimp (wrapped in bacon by request) set in a taco beneath a layer of peach coleslaw and topped with delectable homemade chipotle creme.

Gringo’s Diner

Chef Ariel learned his trade in Argentina, so you’ll definitely find a slew of Latin American favorites on the menu at Gringo’s. Come for the tacos, but stay for the selection of flautas, tostadas and burritos. Each packs a mouthful of authentic flavors and textures.

Sandbar Beach Eats

Sandbar has devoted an entire section of their menu to tacos, with a dizzying variety that includes marinated beef tenderloin, mahi-mahi, Jamaican jerk chicken, sautéed shrimp, vegetarian-friendly tofu and authentic Lowcountry pulled pork. It’s one-stop shopping for taco nirvana.

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