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Summertime Treats at Coligny!

By Teen Contributor Savannah Toomer:


When teens go to the beach, there has to be some type of food. Well, right across from Coligny beach, you’ll find Coligny Plaza which is full of many different places to get food! Today I want to talk about my favorite treats to eat at Coligny. So let’s get started!

One of my favorite treats is a cup of Rita’s. They have custard, exotic flavors of Italian ice, frozen drinks, and so much more! My favorite is their vanilla custard with rainbow sprinkles. Just a bite and my day is a whole lot better!!

ritas italian iceRitas Italian Ice


Today I went by the House of Jerky to see what it was like. Let me just say the store was so cute, but looked so delicious at the same time! I asked the owner if I could try some and he gave me a piece of the Black Pepper Venison Jerky and oh my gosh! That was the best jerky I have ever tasted! I’m planning on going there later to buy some!

beef jerky at coligny

man holding jerky

Who doesn’t love candy? I mean seriously I think everyone loves candy!! Well, I go to the Hilton Head Candy Company for my candy. They have such a variety of candy, it’s amazing! They are known for their amazing salt water taffy that is to die for good. But, warning if you have braces, don’t get it stuck in your braces because the dentist might get mad at you (I do it anyways…shhhh)!

Hilton Head Candy Company

Hilton Head Taffy

Candy jars

One of my most favorite ice cream shops in the world is the Frozen Moo! So please moooooove out the way so I can get my ice cream please 🙂 My favorite flavors are the banana and the coffee. The most popular flavor is the Butterscotch Bomb and it sounds pretty good. I might have to go try that later. Anyways, Frozen Moo is the place to go for ice cream and their milkshakes are pretty good too!

Frozen Moo Ice Cream

What are YOUR favorite summertime treats at Coligny?


About Savannah:

Hello! My name is Savannah Rose Toomer and I’m not your average 14 year old girl. I live on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with my amazing grandparents, and go to boarding school up in Virginia. I love to write stories, read interesting books, take photos of the most bizarre things I can find, have a great time with friends and family, spike a volleyball, shoot a basketball, play lacrosse, and food is definitely on this list of things I love! I work as a teenage blogger for Coligny Plaza and I love it because it involves photography and writing. If you’re ever looking for me, you’ll find me at Coligny 🙂

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