Why You Need To Be at Saturday Night Trivia

So, are you feeling smart?

OK, wisenheimer, what’ the only state flag that features the face of a U.S. president? Who wrote “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?” What animal is forbidden by law from crossing the road in Quitman, Georgia?
If you answered Washington, L. Frank Baum and chickens, you need to be at Coligny Plaza on Saturday nights for our weekly trivia contests. Beyond fun questions on a dizzying range of subjects from history to science to comic cooks, you’ll want to be there for the toe-tapping music, lively competitive atmosphere and great prizes.
Those who prove their mental might are taking home prizes from a slew of Coligny’s many vendors, scoring everything from ice cream to movie tickets to food and drink. But first, they have to prove themselves against a crowd of like-minded trivia buffs.
“We’ve been doing this a few weeks, and the energy has been off the charts,” said host Barry Kaufman. “People are packing into the courtyard to compete – even the folks in the kiosks are getting into it. This is the most fun you’ll have all summer, trust me.”
The event runs through Sept. 3, every Saturday from 6:30-8:30 p.m.


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