Your LOCAL Black Friday Event! November 24th.

Coligny Outdoor Market – Black Friday!

Join us for this legendary event! Food, Vendors and Local Shop Owners, along with entire community come to Coligny to watch Santa fly in via helicopter! Music from the Matt Brantley band, entertainment by DJ Crush and more!

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What to My Wondering Eyes Did Appear…

Rudolph takes a day off as Santa soars onto Hilton Head via chopper.

Kids scanning the skies around Hilton Head Island for the approach of Santa Claus get to see something a little different this year. Rather than approaching by sleigh, dragged along by his nine trusty reindeer and propelled by Christmas spirit, Santa is opting for a slightly more modern mode of transportation.

Namely, a helicopter.

Today’s flyby from Jolly Old Saint Nick, with a little help from Hilton Head Heli Tours, is Coligny Plaza’s way of letting everyone on Hilton Head Island know that the holiday season has arrived. Santa’s visit coincides with Coligny’s “Local Black Friday” outdoor market, which celebrated a local alternative to the big-box Black Friday with deals from Coligny merchants and a packed party with performances from a slew of musicians.

The event, running from 12-5 p.m. on Nov. 24, will see Santa soaring over a street party packed with food vendors, local Coligny storefronts sharing their finest wares and live music DJ Crush from 12-2 p.m. and Georgia’s Matt Brantley Band from 2-5 p.m.

In addition to heightening the festive atmosphere, Santa’s visit officially ushers in the month-long Christmas at Coligny event, carrying carry on a tradition that Coligny re-ignited two years ago.

“When we had Santa appear for the first time in 2015, it was a salute to an old Hilton Head tradition from around 30 years ago, where John Curry used to do a few laps around the Sea Pines Circle in a helicopter, waving to kids, before handing out candy at the circle as the tree was lit for the season,” said Richardson. “Everyone who was around back then remembers that so fondly, we wanted to revive that tradition.”

And so, with this salute to the past, Coligny created an entirely new Christmas tradition, one that serves as a fitting start to an exciting month at Hilton Head’s downtown. You can shop at any of the stores or restaurants, upload your receipt to and be entered to win $1000 CASH from Coligny!

“It’s such an exciting month-long event, and the opening party with food vendors, live music and Santa Claus himself was the perfect way to get it started” said Richardson.

For the crowds of kids, the adults who got to feel like a kid, and the reindeer who can enjoy a day off, the spectacle of Santa arriving by helicopter will be something memories are made of. And what better way to kick off a historic holiday season for Hilton Head’s downtown than with an old tradition made new again.


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