65 Stories – The Carolina Tasting Room

The Carolina Tasting Room opened for business in Coligny 5 years ago. They are a locally-owned and operated wine tasting room, specializing in Southern wines, as well as, locally brewed beer. They have over 30 different wines you’re able to try, ranging from dry to sweet, as well as local and regional variants to suit every PALATE. Additionally, they have 12 local beers on tap, and wine smoothies made from their house wines, all of which you’re able to take to go within Coligny Plaza.

Katlyn Stiles says of their choice to establish their shop at Coligny, “Coligny is the best location for our business to reach the most visitors to our area, and spread the word about our locally sourced wines.” She also states that you get a real sense of family and community working in such a tight-knit group as Coligny, and that is definitely passed on to all of their shoppers. It makes Coligny a really special place, and a joy to visit every day!

You can learn more about the Carolina Tasting Room by clicking here. 

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